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Wireless System

Wireless System
  Our Wireless System adopts two way zigbee chip. This serves as a feedback for the lighting control signal. Up to 254 wireless gateway is connected to the On & Off System, and about 100 wireless dimming modules are connected to one gateway.

 Our wireless system consists of more stable and reliable components and circuits that our competitors' products. Therefore, more accurate dimming control and energy saving effect can be obtained, and the system can be used stably for a long time. Also, our wireless system have several products that can both dimming and ON/OFF control. By properly selecting WDM (Wireless Dimming Module) and WOM (Wireless ON / OFF Module), more effective control can be achieved and energy saving effect can be obtained.

 Applied at Office area, Underground Parking Lot area, Conference Room, Hallway, Lobby area, Classroom, and Restaurant area.
Applied at Office Building, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Residential Complex, Terminal and Public Area to be as efficient management system for Lighting & Black-out. Dimming Scene Control for LED Lamp’s Individual & Group. The Auto LED Dimming Control due to external Photo. The LED Dimming Control due to Movement Detecting Sensor. The Installation is easy due to Wireless Communication and the Maintenance is convenient. The various function is taking advantage due to actual installation of the operating experience.

Wireless Products