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m.r.Lighting Control

App. for Building Lighting Control
Full Lighting Controls - Software
 Our (MRBAS) Smart-Phone App Program is based on our Software (Smartrol v.3.1). We have created the Smart-Phone specific App Program by extracting the Key Points from our Lighting Control Software (Smartrol v.3.1).  We have covered the essential functions of our ELC Lighting Control System to our Smart-Phone App Program. Especially, this App Program has various functions such as Schedule Program, MY PAGE, MY SCENE setting and programmed contents downloading to replace the software of Monitoring PC.
Main Feature
…Applicable to all Smart-Phone for Android & iPhone.
…It operates with two types of APP. One with the Server and one without the Server.
…Communication Setting : The Communication Connection with ELC System and SCU.
…Device Setting : Various Relay Module, DALI Dimming Module, Wireless Dimming Module, Switches and Group Switches.
…Lighting Control Setting : The specific control program setting for each device that created from device setting.
…Data transmission & Schedule Control.
…Data Inquiry : LOG & Run Time.
 The user who wants to install the, search the "m.r.Lighting Control" app from the App Store to download it. Install this App to Smart-Phone and building tenant is able to establish the communication setting for SCU and ELC System. Then register the location setting of the corresponding project. Also, register the Device Setting for each lighting control device & switches. Able to set up the Schedule Control Program for their area and select the data transmission to download the Programmed APP Contents to each of Lighting Control Device.

  The residents can set up and operate the MY PAGE & MY SCENE functions for their own area.