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  Our Software has been developed with evolution of advance IT technology. By the release of Window OS from the DOS version in early MS, our software is also been developed at Window OS to control the Lighting Control Program conveniently at early of 2000 year. Therefore, after 14 years, our Software has been Upgrade to many steps. At early, the Lighting Control System is applied at only for On/Off control and the Software that meets the eye was SmarTLC. We have been exported this S/W in the name of Light-X to GE America. Smartrol v.1.0 is applied and developed for our iLC System, SLC System, and Dimming Control System. Recently, the Smatrol v.3.1 is the software that is developed and applied for ELC System and DALI System since 2013. This Software is certified with BTL Listing at 2013. This Software is the Lighting Control only with power USER INTERFACE function and much better graphic function than other Software.

 It can be applied at various places like small, medium and large sized buildings. It can be applied at shopping mall, office, airport, convention center, gym, apartment and public area where the Lighting Control is needed. It is configured with Lighting Control Only Program. Also the schedule, sunset/sunrise, occupancy, group, pattern, DALI Dimming and Photo control is available.


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