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SLC System & TLC Remodeling

SLC System & TLC Remodeling
  The Relay, Control Board, Relay Driver Board and POWER of lighting control panel is the PLUG IN TYPE that can be easily expanded within the 12 Relays unit that is created by Board Type which is mounted at each of internal interior plate.

 Especially, even if the central monitoring device is crashed, the SLC System is able to control the pattern, group and schedule with the Stand Alone CPU that is equipped at local control panel. Also, it has the self-diagnosis function to identify the failure of device & data-line.
 We are always maintaining reliable system and providing stable system to building manager.

  The previous TLC & SLC Lighting Control System can be UPGRADED to latest ELC(Excellent Lighting Controls) system for each product with one by one.
 The Lighting Control Panel of STAND ALONE TYPE is configured with 3 steps of protection device and it will perfectly manage the customer’s Building Lighting Control.


SLC system & TLC Remodeling Products