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20Ampere Latching Relay
Full Lighting Controls - Relays
 The LR-9P Relay is the Magnetic Latching type Relay that can be mounted with Plug-In type inside at ELC Relay Module. It has one auxiliary contact and indicates feedback status. The LR-9P is able to open and shut by applying the half-waved rectified 24 VAC (MAC type) and it is able to apply the Max. usable capacity that is shown at specification about resistive load, ballast and tungsten filament. It has the manual Override swith to ON/OFF the Relay when emergency.
Main Feature
…Install it inside of enclosure that is near to the brake panel at electrical box.
…By selecting the two separate low-voltage coil (24V), it maintains and ON(OFF) the contact point by mechanically.
…It maintains the ON/OFF status to make no change of status when black-out.
…It minimizes the power consumption by charging the status of Relay when power is consumed.
…The manual control is possible through the lever that placed at top of Relay.
…It is easy to install at DIN-Rail to save the time and space for installation.

Dimension of Layout
…Lamp Load : 20A Tungsten Filament 125VAC 20A Ballast 277VAC
…Resistive Load : 20A 277VAC
…Motor Load : 1/2 Hp @ 110 - 125VAC / 1/2 Hp @ 220~277VAC
…Operation Environment : Temp. -10~60℃ / Relative Humidity : 10~95%RH
…Durability : 150,000 cycles (Full Load) / 200,000 cycles (No Load)
…Line Voltage Feature :
    Contacts : SPST Maintained (Mechanical latching) with override ON/OFF switch.
    Terminal : 3 Terminal, Screw- Actuated Clamp for using with #14-10 AWG
…CE Approval


  The LR9P Relay is mounting insidefo 4sRM or 6sRM Relay Module by Plug-In Type. The status display   switch is located at top of Relay. It can verify the current On/Off status. It can mounted at Relay Module without separate connector. The bottom on Relay has connection terminal for Relay Module. It can saves time for installation. This Relay's LED status is displayed at front of Relay Module. The Relay itself has the switch to On/Off control manually. This Relay has the separate connector terminal that can connect at GE TLC System & Wattstopper System without any modification.
Connection Diagram

updated 2020
updated 2020