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20Ampere Latching Relay for Panasonic
Full Lighting Controls - Relays
 The LR25(HID)-AC24V Relay is the Latching Type Relay that can be mounted by Plug-In Type. It has the Main Contact & Auxiliary Contact indicating ON/OFF and feedback status. This Relay can be Opened & Closed by applying Half-Wave Rectified 24VAC and also for the Load of Tungsten Filament, Ballast and Resistive can be usable for Maximum capacity indicated in the Specification. It has the Manual OVERRIDE switch to enable the ON/OFF in case of need.
Main Feature
…The Relay is installed at Inner Panel inside of Enclosure that near to the Breaker Panel.
…It is selected with Low Voltage(24V) Coil that separated into Two ways for maintaining the ON/OFF status contact point by mechanically.
…The Relay maintains the ON & OFF status to prevent the change of status during Black-Out.
…The power is consumed only when the status of relay is changed.
…The manually controlled by the lever located at top of the relay.
…IEasy Mounting at DIN-Rail Type.
…The Manual override switch for manual operation in case of need.

Dimension of Layout
…Lamp Load : 20A Tungsten Filament 125VAC 20A Ballast 277VAC
…Resistive Load : 20A, 300VAC(General Use), 60,000Cycles
…20A, 300VAC(Standard Ballast)
…16A, 120/277VAC(Electric Ballast)
…2,400W, 120VAC(Tungsten)
…4,800W, 240VAC(Tingsten)
…Short Circuit Rating(MAX) 14,000A, 277VAC
…Max. Surrounding Air Temp. : 40℃
…Operation Environment : Temp. -10 ~ 60℃
…Relative Humidity : 10 - 95%RH
…Durability : 60,000 Cycles(Full load)


 The LR25(HID)-AC24V Relay is the Plug-In Type Relay with the status display for the Manual Operation at the upper side of the relay.
 The Relay has Wired Connection Terminal that can connect to the Relay Module and Relay itself has status indicator on the manual switch.
 This Relay can be directly connected to the PANASONIC & TOSHIBA System.

Connection Diagram

updated 2020
updated 2020