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On & Off System

On & Off System
 The On & Off System is the Distributed Control system that has the Stand Alone function same as SLC System.
We have various relay moduels such as 4eRM, 4sRM, and 6sRM which are competitive Lighting Control Modules and
has the Stand Alone function so even if the Central Monitoring Device is disabled, the local control panel maintains
its operation according to the preset program. In addtion, the DALI Master, Wireless Gateway, EnOcean Switch
Receiver can be connected at this ELC Network to control the On/Off and Dimming Control of each LED Fixture by
interlocking control.

 This system adopts the “Smartrol 3.1” which is MRBAS software and provides various functions to our customers. Also, the SCU is the LINK device between the Smartrol Software & each of Lighting Control Modules at the site and it can be connected to a maximum of 100 units for wide control. In BIG project, this SCU is installed and operator for each site when DATA Lines are connected to fiber optic cable for more stable and quick operation of data communication.

The newly designed Lighting Control Module and Switch will upgrade the value of the building Lighting Control one step further. Also, we can perfectly implement the Control Concept that customer desired by interlocking control with various control modules such as Relay Control Module, DALI Dimming Module and Wireless Dimming Module.


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