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DALI System

DALI System
 Our DALI System is connected to our On & Off System and operated properly. DALI MASTER is connected to ELC Network up to 999 EA, and one DALI MASTER is controlled by connecting 64 DALI Dimming Modules.

The DALI Master is performing the role of converter that interface with the product (DALI Module) for using the DALI Protocol that is connected to ETLC Communication network.

 This DALI Master is able to connect up to max. of 999 EA at existing lighting control data-line by 001~999 address. The each of DALI Master is able to connect up to max. of 64 EA of DALI Module and it is able to control the ON/OFF and Dimming for max. of 64,000 EA of LED lighting.

The DALI Master is able to operate with existing TLC Network, it can receive the input signal from sensor and switch that connected at TLC Network to control the Preset, Pattern and Dimming. Also the Dimming control by the Photo Sensor and ON/OFF control and Dimming control by occupancy sensor is possible. The power savings are enhanced greatly.


DALI Products