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0-10 Dimming System

0-10 Dimming System
 0-10V dimming is controlled to be turned off with 0% output at 0V and fully turned on with 100% output at 10V. O-10 Dimming System is a dimming control module that has multiple output channel stages for each circuit control for LED lighting. Each dimming channel includes a 16A latching relay, allowing On/ Off control and dimming control.

… 0-10V Dimmin Control Module for 8 channels(Including the 16A Latching Relay for On/Off Control)
…This Module can connect up to 999ea for 1ea of SCU.
…0-254 steps of Dimming Control and 16ea of Groups and Scene Controls.
…Up to 15A Load connection per channel.
…Control by various Program Switches including our GDS, nTS, STS and etc.
…Apply the Fade time and Fade rate for each channel.


0-10 Dimming Products