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Simple Lighting Controls

Simple Lighting Control
 The SLC is shorten name from Simple Lighting Control. SLC system is literally, a simple lighting control device

that simply controls your space. The necessary lighting control devices are composed of three types : lighting control modules, switches, and communication devices. Setting of each control program is also simple. Simply set up in the smartphone app program, and download it directly to the control module and switch.

Application for Conference Room
This product does not require a separate PC and Software. Simply install the smart touch switch (STS),
wireless dimming module and communication device (SCU), you can set program and control the lighting
of the meeting room with our smartphone App.

  It is possible to adjust the appropriate lighting intensity of office space and meeting space through the function of occupancy detection or illumination detection, and if necessary, the smart touch switch can be used to select and adjust the desired SCENE mode. (Presentation mode, Meeting mode, power saving mode, overall control mode).
 For this function, the SLC system provides lighting control devices that consist only of field control devices that do not require a separate computer and software.
SLC Products