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DALI Dimming Module


LED DALI Module (50W)
Local Control
 LED DALI Module is the device that control the Dimming and ON/OFF of LED Lighting and this device can connect up to maximum of 64EA to one DALI Master through the communication by DALI Protocol.
Main Feature
…Photo adjustment function by 254 steps.
…16 sets of Scene Setting Function.
…16 sets of Group Setting Function.
…DALI Protocol : IEC 62386
…Baud Rate : 1,200 BPS
…SYSTEM SIZE : 64 units
…Data : Individual ON/OFF Control, Individual Dimming Control, Lamp Status/Alarm Signal, Ballast Status/Alarm Signal.
…Dimming Range : 1% ~ 100%
…Dimming times : Program
…Do not require a separate shielded communication cables, able to construct with general cable or cable wiring. When
  constructing the cable, able to use the 5C cable (3C-L/N/E, 2C-DALI). Also without installing a separate communication line,
   construction is possible.
…No need to distinguish between the polarity of the communication line.
 The DALI Module is able to connect at each of DALI Master up to 64EA and the each module’s address is recognized automatically. From central computer, it monitors the automatic recognized DALI Module and download the relevant program for control.

For example, from #1 Preset Switch, set to operate the 1,3,5,7,9 DALI Module, and then download it, all those modules will be operate from #1 switch. No need to enter the separate Address value. The automatic recognized Address setting will save time for Test-Run.

Each of DALI Module is installed at each LED Lighting and it can control the Dimming and Schedule at each of TIME-ZONE. The High-Level Communication of DALI Network is based on existing Lighting Control Data-Line and it can interlock with other ON/OFF System.
Dimension of Layout
…LED 50W Type
…Environment Condition: -10℃ ~ 60℃, 0~95% RH
…Input power : DC 12 ~ 60V
…Power consumption : 12 ~ 50W
…Communication Method : DALI
…Max. Comm. distance : 300M
…Output Power(POut) : Max. 50W
…Output Voltage(VOut) : 12 - 60VDC
…Output Current(IOut) : Max.1A
…Dimming Range : 1 - 100%
…OverLoad Protection : Yes
…OverLoad Protection : Yes


Connection Diagram

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updated 2020
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