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Application solution for Software
Software for SLC & On/Off Control
Smartrol v.3.1
Software for On/Off, DALI, Wireless System

Our software has an excellent ability to control all functions of lighting control. In particular, the APP for smart phone has a program and download function, so you can operate the lighting control system without any additional software.

Background of Development
 Our Software has been developed with evolution of advanced IT technology. By the release of Window OS from the DOS version in early MS, our software is also been developed at Window OS to control the Lighting Control Program conveniently at early of 2000 year. Therefore, after 14 years, our Software has been Upgrade to many steps
 At early, the Lighting Control System is applied at only for On/Off control and the Software that meets the eye was SmarTLC. We have been exported this S/W in the name of Light-X to GE America. Smartrol v.1.0 is applied and developed for our iLC System, SLC System and Dimming Control System. The Smartrol v.3.1 is the software that is developed and applied for On/Off System and DALI System since 2013. This Software is the Lighting Control only with power USER INTERFACE function and much better graphic function than other software.
 The Smartrol v.3.1 is developed to control and manage the power of building, facility, lighting and integrated system software efficiently. Therefore, the Smartrol v.3.1 is managed as individual system and if necessary, is it managed integrally with power and facility auto control to perform the interlocking control. The Smartrol v.3.1 is installed at server and client to perform the BACK UP function for each other and it can monitor the modified program from server and also monitoring the contents of DB from client.
 It can be applied at various places like small and medium sized buildings and large buildings. It can be applied at shopping mall, office only building, airport, convention center, gym, apartment, and public area where the Lighting Control is needed. It is configured with Lighting Control Only Program. Also, the schedule, sunset/sunrise, occupancy, group, pattern, DALI Dimming and Photo control is available.

WeBAS v.1.0
(Web Bases Software for On/Off, DALI, Wireless System)

Background of Development
 The Software of MRBAS has been developed together with the development of IT technology. With the launch of Window OS in the initial MS version of DOS. Software of MRBAS was also developed as a lighting control program in early 2000 and has been continuously upgraded for 17 years and fully developed. Initially, the lighting control system is applied On/Off-oriented control method, and the suitable software is SmarTLC. This software is exported to USA GE under the name of Light-X.
 Smartrol v.1.0 is developed and applied to ILC System, SLC System and dimming control system. Smartrol v.3.1 is the software that has been applied since 2013, recently developed for On & Off system and DALI system. The software is BTL certified and GS certified in 2103. It is dedicated software for lighting control which is more convenient and powerful USER INTERFACE function than other software because it is an excellent function of graphic. Based on this accumulated techonology of Client Server based solution, WEBAS based WEB which can be used anytime and anywhere is launched in 2017 and it has also been certified by BTL.
 WeBAS software was developed as a software that controls and monitors integrated management such as Lighting control and Electric power control in a building in a WEB environment. If necessary, it can be operated by other HVAC control and integration. It is possible to monitor various function such as graphic monitoring. Dashboard monitoring, widget setting and chart, and it is an excellent WEB-based MMI program using the cloud service.

Main Feature
…Monitoring control and setting function using WEB browser.
…Dashboard Builder and Surveillance.
…Split screen and full mode, slide monitoring.
…Easy Drag-Drop Graphic Point Setting Widget creation function using TREND DATA.
…Watched, manipulated, and exported data to PDF files.
…CAD vector file background (no cracking on enlargement).
…Monitoring and setting on smartphone.
…CLOUD service for device information and DB backup management.
…Ability to see sub-device list.
…Convenient journaling with diary from import function.
…Control various user rights settings.

m.r. Lighting Control.S
(Web Bases Software for On/Off, DALI, Wireless System)
m.r. Lighting Control
App. for Building Lighting Control

 Our (MRBAS) Smart-Phone App Program is based on our Software (Smartrol V.3.1). We have created the Smart-Phone specific App Program by extracting the Key Points from our Lighting Control Software (Smartrol V.3.1). We have covered the essential functions of our ELC Lighting Control System to our Smart-Phone App Program. Especially, this App Program has various functions such as Schedule Program, MY PAGE, MY SCENE setting and programmed contents downloading to replace the software of Monitoring PC.

Background of Development
 In a recent situation, where the Smart-Phones have become accustomed, building tenants want to control the Lighting for their area by Smart-Phone instead of local switch. From this background, we have developed the Smart-Phone App program that can be connected to our ELC Lighting Control System. It was developed as an APP Program that can run on Android of Google or IOS of Apple and even from the Internet Browse Window, simply register our System’s IP address to run this program more easily. This App program is available to control the ON/OFF & Dimming for lighting and also for the Relay’s ON/OFF control for the Lighting Control as well. The Schedule Program Setting Control for each area and region was also can be done from this Smart-Phone App Program. In addition, the My Page & My Scene functions have been added to this App Program to make it more easier to Residents to control and manipulate the Lighting of people’s area and moving line.
  The MR-App program is based on our Smartrol v.3.1. We have extracted only the key point from the program for lighting control and created a smartphone-app program. The ELC system was set up as a smartphone-app program and covered all the essential elements that could be used. Especially, it can be used as a function to replace the MMI software with the schedule program, MY PAGE and MY SCENE setting, and programmed contents downloading function.
Main Feature
…Applicable to all smartphones for Android and iPhone.
…Powered by two apps, one with a server and one without a server.
…Communication setting: Communication connection with SCU of ELC System.
…Device setting: various relay module, dimming module, wireless dimming module, various switch, group switch and etc.
…Lighting control settings: Set specific control programs for each device created in the device settings.
…Schedule control and data transmission.
…Data View : LOG & Run Time.