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0-10 Dimming System

Application solution for 0-10 Dimming System
…0-10V Dimming Module is a dimming control module that has multiple output channel stages for each circuits control for LED lighting.
…Each dimming channel includes a 16A latching relay, allowing On/Off control and dimming control.
Dimming Method (Operation Principle)
…It is a method to control the LED to be dimmable by varying the voltage of the control line from 0V (0%) to 10V (100%) with 0~10V (Zero to Ten Method), and adjust it with an external control line (0~10VDC) is the way to do it.

…A relay for On/Off for the load of each circuit is required in a manner of controlling several LED lights for each circuits, and the number of LED lighting loads of the circuits is determined according to the capacity of the relay 15A.

…Each LED lighting load requires up to 2mA of current, usually consumes 1mA of current, and for 20 LED lights, DC20mA of current must be provided for each dimming circuit.
LED Lighting Fixtures
…Composition of each LED luminaire : luminaire Housing + LED Converter + LED board.
… Converter (LED Driver : Switched Mode Power Supply : SMPS).
…The circuit that can receive 0-10v signal is configured in the LED output terminal of this SMPS.
0-10V Dimming Method