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Simple Lighting Control

Application solution Simple Lighting Control
The use value of SIMPLE LIGHTING CONTROLS for Smart Touch Switch
 SLC is literally a Simple Lighting Control device.

 The necessary lighting control devices consists of three parts : a lighting control module, a switch, and a communication device.
Setting of each control program is also simple. Simply set in the smartphone app program. The lighting control setting is completed simply by download the program and set the control module and the switch. This system is suitable for offices, conference room, and so on. Only a field-oriented device does not require complicated installation of an existing lighting control system such as a central monitoring device, and obtain the effect of necessary lighting control function.
 In case of a conference room, lighting operate more efficient conference room system. Touch each button that is intuitively displayed on the smart touch switch, such as conference mode, presentation mode, power saving mode, and overall control mode, and performs each Scene control.
  Normally, it is also possible to control power saving during absence by using a occupancy sensor.
 Employees can publish information on the smart touch switch screen and can post company’s announcements.
 List of the various control functions and the configuration diagram of simple lighting control device.

The use value of SIMPLE LIGHTING CONTROLS for Wireless Switch (No Battery)
 SLC is literally a Simple Lighting Control device.

 When the office partition is changed, the position of the switch and the control zone of each lighting need to be changed.
 The lighting is used as the conventional lighting is arranged, and takes the inconvenience of difficult piping work. In this case, unnecessary light enters and wastes electric energy. The method of eliminate this inconvenience and making sure that necessary lighting is using properly is to apply wireless dimming modules and wireless switches. Generally, in this case of general wireless switch, a battery is built in for the power of the switch itself, but MRBAS wireless switch does not need a battery. When the switch button is pressed, self-generated electricity is generated and the power of the switch is supplied by itself.

 When this system is applied, wiring work is required only for one “master switch for wireless communication device” installed at the main entrance. The lighting dimmer (wireless dimming module) and the switches in each area do not need piping wiring work. Also, when the partition is changed, the switch can easily change the position and easy installation by selecting the appropriate position.