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Room Lighting Management

Application solution Room Lighting Control Management
The basics of lighting control are convenient lighting control. In the mean time, energy saving control is to achieve the effect of energy saving. For a space such as a small office, RLCM (Room Lighting Control Management) is a very suitable system for practical use oflighting control by installing simple minimal equipment and applying only necessary control program.
Main Feature about RLCM
  The main feature of this RLCM system is hardware Auto-Recognition and Plug & Play function. After installing the lighting control products, all items are automatically or manually addressed to each device, and control by the basic program can be operated immediately. And if you want to add more detailed and desired control program, you can add additional program by simple setting method of switch and smart touch switch.

 The KEY equipment of this system is IGS-TS Switch. Up to 31 control modules such as Relay Control Module (4sRM), 0-10v Dimming Control Module (DM010V), and individual LED lighting control are provided in IGS Touch Switch which menas individual (I), group (G), and Scene (S). Connect the available LED Dimming Module (LDM) to the LAN Cable (UTP CAT.6.4pr). The buttons on the IGS-TS switch allow basic individual, group, and scene control. Instead of the IGS-TS switch, STS (Smart Touch Switch) makes the icon button more intuitive, so it can be operated in the same way as the function of the IGS-TS Switch.

 In addition, the smart phone with STS-SCH switch and MR BLE APP is applied and operated for more detailed interlock control and schedule control program. When the smartphone and the IGS-TS switch are connected by BLE Bluetooth communication, the MR BLE APP on the smartphone can monitor the state of the currently connected RLCM and additionally set the control program. In the STS-SCH switch, basic control and schedule control programs can be set up and executed, and basic lighting control functions can be operated without installing a separate computer or software.

Main Features about RLCM’s Products

Individual, Group, Scene
… Individual Mode button for individual control for an automatically registered control module.
… Group Mode button to set each relay and dimming circuit of the control module as a group. Also, select this Group Mode button for group control.
… Scene Mode button to set the dimming status (0~100%) of each dimming circuits of the dimming control module. Scene Mode button is also used for Scene Control. … Mixing Mode button, if you want to use the control module that is already set in Group Mode and Scene Mode with one control button.

Smart Touch Switch
… Same as the information of IGS-TS button, the setting button, control button, and brightness control button on the TFT LCD screen are composed of Icons. Also displays temperature, humidity, CO2, and TVOC sensing as an option.
… Control Button : Select relay and dimming channel of control module set in each setting mode button as the corresponding mode. Direct operation of this control button, up to 16 controls buttons on two screens.

Switch with Schedule
… In addition to the basic functions of the STS-SCH, the switch is provided with a schedule setting program.
… Up to 60 schedules can be created, and up to 12 preset groups and scenes can be registered and applied to each schedule.

Bluetooth Application
 The MR BLE APP is able to used with nearby Smart Switch (IGS-TS, STS-L2 & STS-SCH) by BLE Communication, When the smart switch is recognized, and the set group and scene of the smart switch can be executed in this BLE APP.
… Applicable on all smartphone for Android phone and iPhone.
… Operate as a server less app.
… Communication Setting : Connect with RLCM switch by BLE communication.
… Schedule control and data transmission Source : Run Time Analysis.