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Level 3 - ELC System

Level 3 - Full Lighting Control Application
We pursue the perfection and convenience for our Full Lighting Lighting Control System. We have created the new storm in the lighting control market and it surprise the world-wide market with our new lighting control system.
Each control panel, switches, sensor modules and dali master are classified as device and this device is granted with address for 001 ~ 999 to operate it.
The groundbreaking specification of our Full Lighting Control System is configured with same communication protocol for every of our device and it has Hardware Address.
The Relay Modules, Sensor Input Modules, Program Switches, DALI Masters for Control are all connected by the same communication protocol also it is possible to connect each module by at least 001 to 999 to achieve reliable network.
If the number of control points increase, the communication becomes heavy and the communication becomes unstable.
In order not to lose such reliability, we have created the unified standard for each device for standardized result.
Application Guide
Application Solution for each Building




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Application Solution for each System