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Conference Room

 DMR (Digital Meeting Room) Conference Information System :
The room reservation / use information is displayed visually through the Room Pad terminal. A solution that maximizes the convenience of using the conference room for interlocking with related facilities, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the use and management of the conference room.

-Information such as conference room
reservation information, usage guide,
announcement Display.

-Convenient and energy-saving by
interlocking with air-conditioning, lighting, and
electric roll screen according to meeting reservation

-Except the passengers who are allowed to use
door locks
Access control → Security Enhancement.

 DALI control + Wireless sensor → Saving more than 50% of conventional lights saving sensor techonology → Auto ON/OFF/Dimming without switching.
 LED + DALI control → Efficient brightness + color temperature control.
 DALI control techonology enables effective EEG management with LED color temperature display and various scene mode illumination according to demand.
 ㆍBeta +++ Business Planning, Discussion, Intensive Recovery Therapy / Daylight
 ㆍAlfa +++ Natural Seminar, Conference, Breakfast etc. / Day White
 ㆍSita +++ Soft flatness, stability, rest, recovery / Warm White
 Able to produce artificial sun as it is indoors in natural sunlight effect.
 ㆍAlso possible to produce external interlocking according to needs such as sunrise, sunset, mid day, sunny day, cloudy day (when interlocking operation of ambient light sensor)
 Mobile phone application, STS switch, EnOcean, IoT connection operation
 New lighting techonology + important application room → Maximizing space value
 ㆍMeeting room, executive room, reception room, seminar, training ceter, exhibition, examincation room, VIP room, hotel suite room, etc.

 System Overview :
- Implement emotional lighting by adjusting the color temperature (K) value of the LED inside the seminar room.
 Operation Plan :
- Cool White LED / Warm White LED connect the DALI MODULE to the luminaire with LED and disply appropriate color temperature through dimming control.
- Emotion lighting that can satisfy diverse atmosphere and psychological stability through color temperature change in seminar room with various SCENE (color temperature directing) control.