Lighting Control Project of the 2nd Lotte World Tower


The 2nd Lotte World - Lighting Control

Lotte World Tower lighting control is configured to enable control and status monitoring in six monitoring rooms.

To covering the whole B6F control room, B1F tower control room, podium section on the 13th floor secondary control room, office on the 22nd floor secondary control room, residence on the 43rd floor , the observatory and the hotel on the 86th floor secondary control room are charge in the Deputy Control Room.
Like the power control, an Ethernet communication network is constructed using the IBS network in the building. A total of 23 lighting control communication converter, SCU (System Communication Unit) units were installed in each floors. The system is established in each business establishment.
The observation deck, hotel, residence, and podium area consist of 6sRM, 4sRM lighting control panel and DSW program switch based on ELC system. The office section is not a conventional light circuit control. It is constituted by the light control method (individual light control) according to DALI standard. It is possible to control the lighting according to the interior of the office.
The total installed quantity is 6,437 relays (LR9P) for controlling ON/OFF, 444 DALI MASTER, and about 20,000 DALI ballast stabilizers, and it controls the dimming of each LED luminaries. The program switches that installed are DSW, STS(Smart Touch Switch), and GDS which is DALI control switch.
The 2nd Lotte World high-rise building opened in early 2017, and residence are being moved into each area, and additional lighting control work is underway as needed. There was no problem installing the additional lighting control equipment for the required area because the MRBAS ELC system is easy to expand which can assigned addresses 0 to 999 for each device (equipment). When additional control point is required, it is convenient system to add communication device SCU and connect new devices (lighting control modules, 6sRM, etc).

The 2nd Lotte World - Power Control

The power system facilities of 2nd Lotte World are composed of 7 electric rooms in total. Real-time monitoring room in 6 monitoring room.

The Lotte World Tower was commissioned in 2009, and the Lotte World Mall opened in October 2014. The construction continued and was completed on December 22, 2016 and opened on April 3, 2017. In December 2015, as the construction of the 123rd floor was completed, it was recorded as the first skyscraper over 100 floors in Seoul. It is the tallest building in Korea with a height of 555 meter. It is the fifth highest building in the world and has become a landmark of Korea. MRBAS feel proud that the power control system is applied to these buildings.
The tower is composed of 7 electric rooms in total, divided in to a tower hall on the B6F, the main electricity room of the residence, and an auxiliary room on the upper floor. Each electrical room is equipped with GE F650 (Digital Protection Relay) and GE EPM5800 (Digital Meter) to protect and monitor the power system throughout the building. Each device is characterized by its real-time monitoring at 100Mbps communication speed using Ethernet communication.
With the speed of the existing 485 communication method of the other company’s relay can not be urgently identified from the center for the incident. The advantage of MRBAS system can be supplemented and applied it. For example, if an electrical accident (short or overload) occurs in any area, the protection relays and the power control system of each power system operate in the GPS synchronization time zone. It is possible to provide accurate and prompt information and cope with it. In particular, the F650 relay provided by MRBAS can transmit information between IED (intelligent electronic device) in IEC61850 standard communication protocol. Even if the conventional physical control cable is not used. The physical signals transmitted / received through the control cable connection can be transmitted / received through the GOOSE message.
Interlock and Protection Coordination applications are possible.
As mentioned above, it is divided into 7 electric rooms. Monitoring the power using MRBAS Smartrol program at B6F tower main electricity room, B6F residence main electricity room, and 73F hotel minor electricity room. Using the internal IBS network constructed in Lotte Data Communication, it was possible to construct an Ethernet network in the entire building, and monitor it quickly. The first opened Lotte World Mall use MRBAS Smartrol for monitoring the power control. Almost four years past now, it is running well without incident and will continue to operate without any problems.