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Lighting Control Sysem Introduces From Frankfurt

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We created a product introduction video of our Lighting Control System in 2020.
From our systems, The RLCM System does not require Separate Software and Main Computer Device.

By PLUG & PLAY method type, The Switch and Control Module can be automatically controlled for LED Luminaire after installation.

The Individual, Group and Scene Control is possible by Switch Button. And by the Smart-phone and Switches, the Automatically Paired with BLE Communication is possible. By finding nearby lighting controls, you can operate Individual, Group and Scene Control for LED Luminaires instead of switches on the smartphone app.

The Wired method operates by connecting each device with existing LAN cable. And the Wireless Method adopts the BLE communication and can be operated without installing a separate communication cable.

Our ELC system is a full-size lighting control system that interfaces with the On / Off Relay Module, 0-10v Dimming Module, DALI Dimming Module, and Wireless Dimming Modules to control and operate all control modules on Single network with ONE software.

The system you see in this video can be seen directly at the Frankfurt Light + Building Exhibition and Las Vegas Light Fair Exhibition in March and May of this year.

Thank You
CEO : Chang Ro Yoon
2020. 02. 11


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