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Invitation to MRBAS (Hall-8, Booth #K69)

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December 10 th, 2019

ALL Exhibitors and Attendees attended at 2020 Light + Building messe Frankfurt

Dear Sir,

I am Chang Ro, Yoon of CEO of M.R.BAS Co., Ltd.
Today, I am very pleased to introduce our Company to you. We are an Exhibitor to particpate in this Light + Building International Show with our Lighting Control System.

Our Company was established in 1987 for the Lighting Control System business is South Korea and so far,we have installed our system in about 2,500 for building projects. We have been continuously upgrading the quality & performance of our system sand products taking advantage of numerous installation experiences in such Large-scale Building Projects. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our Exhibition Booth to introduce the contents that enhance the completion of such technology development..

Here is the summary of our Main Products that we exhibit for 2020“Light+Building”messefrankfurt.

1. Lighting Control System for General Building Type : ELC(ExcellentLightingControls) System
2. Current Sensing Module that can be easily mounted on a Relay Control Module
3. DALI compatible System and Dimming Module for LED Lighting
4. Wireless System and Dimming Module for LED Lighting
5. 0-10V Dimming Module
6. AI(Plug & Play) Lighting Control
7. Web Based Software for Building Lighting Control
8. BLE APP with auto pairing function
9. Scene Controls for Conference room
10.Switch with IR signal function

On next page, we will briefly explain the Products by each Item.

A brief description of the Ten Products and Systems is provided below.
1. The ELC System, Lighting Control System for General Building type.

..The major feature of this system is that various Control Modules are operated from one same Network and it has the advantage of sharing data &interlocking control.
..Each Control Module is equipped with a Stand Alone CPU and always maintains its Independent Function.
..The Relay Control Module is also divided into 4eRM,6sRM and 4sRM so that our customer can choose appropriate product.
..Each Dimming Module that included the function of LED Lighting Driver is also classified in to DALI compatible & Wireless Communication and the LED-Dimming Module can be selected appropriately according to the site conditions.
..The Switch can also uses the DSW(DataLineSwitch), d&sSW(Dimming & SceneSwitch) and STS(Smart-Touch Switch with TFT LCD) which can be connected to the ELC System Data Line. Also, we have GDS(Global DALI compatible Switch) which can directly control the DALI compatible LED Dimming Modules.
..TheEnOceanSwitchisalsoconnectedtothisELCSystemandcanbeusedasWirelessSwitchthatdoesnot requireanypiping& wiring construction.
..There are Two Digital Input Terminals for SM(Sensor Module) which is a Sensor Input Module that can connect the Photo Sensor&Occupancy Sensor for each of Input terminals and also it is connected to this ELC System.
..The Low Level Network of this ELC System is operated by the ELC Protocol Communication method and the High Level Network is operated by RS-232 Serial, Ethernet Network and MODBus Network. For the Communication Converter, we have our own System Communication Unit(SCU) that has the function for Communication Converter.
..Also, for the operation of Smart-Phone App, the App type of SCU is must operated separately.
..We have prepared two kind of Software for Building Lighting Controls. Smartrolv3.1(ForWindowO.S) and WeBASv.1.0(ForWebBasedSoftware.

Since various Control Modules, Switches and Sensor scan be connected to this ELC System, the ELC System is already provenin a large building project for different types of control that needs.


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