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1987, Company established year

1991, Acquired the domestic exclusive sales right of lighting control from GE, U.S.A

1993, Acquired the exclusive sales right of Auto control from TELETROL, U.S.A

1996, Awarded the GE International Sales Award

2000, Awarded the Teletrol “2000 Top Sales Award International”

2001, Acquired the domestic sales right for GE FANUC PLC System

2001, Released the Lighting Control Software(WINTLC)

2001, Acquired the ISO9001 certification

2002, Opened the branch office in Guangzhou, China

2002, Acquired the domestic sales right for GE Digital Relay & Digital Protection Relay

2004, Exported the Lighting Control Software(SmarTLC) to GE

2004, Exported the Smatrol MMI Software to GE

2005, Established the Taiwan Agency(AREX Automation)

2008, Acquired the sales right for SECURITY from GE

2009, Established the Joint-Stock company with HFMRENG, China

2010, Acquired the GS(Good Software) certification

2011, Award the Minister of Health & Human Services Award

2012, Entered the Exhibition of 5th Building Automation

2013, Signed the Domestic Sales Agency with Delta Controls

2014, Exhibited at US Light Fair Exhibition, and launched Wireless Dimming Module

2015, Launched Home Switches and Smart Phone App..

2016, Launched EnOcean Switches

At 2017, Participated the LIGHT FAIR SHOW Exhibition at Philadelphia

At June 16th 2017, Move Office to Mun-Jeong Dong Complex Building

January 2nd 2018, Launched Web Based Software, "WeBAS"

March 18th 2018, Participated Light + Building Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

May 8th 2018, Participated Light Fair International Exhibition in Chicago, USA

Dec. 21st 2018, Small and Medium Business Administration / Selected as a small business joint operater…”Building Energy Saving Control System (Power Control)”.

May 2019, Participated Light Fair International Exhibition in Philadelphia, USA

2019, Achieved ICT Convergence Certification, Green Certification, Q Mark Certification.

Early 2020, Developed RLCM

Early 2020, Join the DALI Association (Diia).