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CEO's Message


We are pleased to greet our customers through this website.
We, MRBAS is celebrating 33rd anniversary in this year.

 I remember the days of importing GE TLC systems in the early days and installing them in domestic sites. It was a long time ago that we knew that the product was the best at that time, carefully installed it on the spot, and received generous praise for the reliability of the product to our customers. We are now visiting their country and marketing our purely developed ELC SYSTEM.

 The advancement of IT technology has made all industries a step up.
 Our system is likewise transformed to be several times smaller than GE TLC PANEL, and our ELC lighting control system is applied on the spot which is now the best lighting control system in the world.

 Recently, as the LED lighting market has changed to smart lighting, our lighting control system is recognized as a company that can provide various systems, and has been well received by customers for its excellence in products. Early on, LDM (LED DALI Dimming Module) system adopting DALI communication method in mainly installed in large projects such as KEPCO Naju office building, Sejong City Government Building, 2nd Lotte World Tower, etc. It is recognized for its excellence that surpasses global competitors by implanting system stability and convenient functions. Also, Wireless Dimming System of wireless method and 0-10V Dimming System are connected to one network of existing ELC system. It is also spotlighted in domestic that this only system can be integrated and controlled by the existing On/ Off System and DALI System. These technologies can be thought as the result of developing and integrating each newly emerging technology even after the development of the existing system in connection with the existing system.

 In the existing lighting control system, On/Off system using Latching Relay was applied to most buildings. However, as the lighting fixtures changed from fluorescent lamps to LED lighting, this LED lighting started to be applied with dimming modules of wired/ wireless method that can be individually dimmed. Now, most new projects are starting to install this individual controlled system for each luminaire. However, the problem is that in the case of large-scale projects, thousands of LED lights begin to be controlled by individual dimming scenes, making it difficult to maintain a stable system properly in the rages of communication problems and software processing capability. While we also had real experience with theses areas, but we were able to solve those communication problems and software processing capabilities one by one.

 Recently, MRBAS has launched RLCM (Room Lighting Control Management), which is a small project or room unit control concept. This system does not require a computer and software. When the switch, relay module, sensor, and LED individual dimming module are connected to the existing LAN cable, the basic program is automatically set while recognizing the mutual address of each device, allowing general individual and group and scene control. If the user wants to modify the program, the program can be changed on the switch or on a smartphone that is automatically paired with the switch and BLE communication. This RLCM system can be easily installed in small-sized offices, meeting rooms, shopping malls, restaurants, and public places, so it is expected to spread in the market as a product of practical lighting control.

 In our new Munjung-dong building, the demonstration room is equipped with automatic facility control, power monitoring and relays, SI, FMS, and BEMS systems as well as lighting control, such as the central monitoring panel of the building.

 As a company specializing in SI, FMS, BEMS, automatic equipment control, power control, and lighting control, we are always striving for customer convenience and profit from the computer’s point of view and approaching the customer with a consistent attitude.  If you want to experience the practical and convenient operation management system of integrated automatic control system recently, please visit us and feel the convenient function.

 In 2019, we will continue to develop our products and work closely with our customers to make the better product for our projects.We will always waiting for our customers in the same place where you are looking for and also promise you that we will continue to make progress in developing of products as we listen to our customers’ NEEDS.

Thank You
January 29th, 2020
CEO : Yoon Chang Ro
(Waiting for your suggestions and ideas.)