Recently, MRBAS intends to release several types of Relay Control Modules.

Many sites are composed of various types and require various type of control modules. Five relay modules of MRBAS have prepared models suitable for these various types.

..6sRM, 4sRM : For large projects and critical facility projexts.
..4eRM-w/25a : Projects requiring large-capacity relays.
..4eRM-w/16a, -w/20a : For small projects.

The above relay modules are models that can be attached or detached from the relay, and it is possible to easily and conveniently replace the relay during maintenance. Also, all relay modules are Stand Alone type control modules with built-in CPU with independent control function.

We, MRBAS, who are always developing systems from the perspective of customers, are always waiting for your comments.

Thank you very much.