MRBAS is recruiting sales agents for our Lighting Control System, limited to one company in each country. The basic qualification of a dealership is a company that knows the technology in the lighting control system and has an engineer capable of sales and technical service capabilities for our system to customers.
If you have interest, and you are the representative of the company, please do apply the agency recruitment by email below.

Agency Benefits
1. Exclusive Sales Rights for each country.
2. Discount on Product Prices for Market entry in first two years.
3. Provide Special Price for Sample Materials such as Demo Kit.
4. Support various Sales Tools.
5. Support Technical Training.
6. Technical seminar support for customers if necessary.

Existing Agency
Taiwan : Arex
Turkey : Buragon

If you are a company that wants agency authority, please fill out the following form and send it to the following email.
CEO : Chang Ro Yoon (
International Sales Manager : Kenny Yoon (

1. Company Name :
2. Country Name :
3. Name :
4. Title :
5. Email Address :
6. Mobile Phone number :
7. Company Address :
8. Company History :
9. Company‘s existing products :
10. Interest : Lighting Control System, DALI, Wireless Dimming, Relay, Sensor, RLCM, Other
11. Requirements & Others: